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In today’s market the growth of embedded software in our products is tremendous and the importance to make fast and accurate decisions is crucial to get ahead. This requires all information to be updated and corrected when needed, constantly.

ALM is not just about software management. It defines design, development, testing, deployment and management.

ALM improves product quality, optimizes productivity and eases the management and maintenance burden for related products and services.

Our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) supports:

Our ALM solutions help you get ahead, enhance collaboration, improve time-to-market, streamline compliance and reduce product risk.

  • Software change and configuration management.
  • Integration with source code tools like GIT, Subversion, JIRA etc.
  • Requirements definition and management – including agile automation.
  • Change, issue and defect tracking.
  • Testing
  • Reporting and metrics to support business intelligence.
  • Verification and Validation.
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