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PTC Creo, with the latest version, PTC Creo 10, has been on the cutting edge of computer-aided design for more than 30 years with the most scalable range of 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app product solutions in today’s market, now with its latest version, PTC Creo 10. Its variety of specific features, and capabilities gives designers, manufacturers and engineers the power to imagine, design, and create their products better, faster and ultimately more cost effectively.

Creo gives you the power to manage, visualize, and design smarter utilizing visualized flexibility, Generative Topology Optimization, Additive Manufacturing, Generative Design, IoT, MBD and Augmented Reality (AR).

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Enables the latest in design

Creo gives you the features you need to create exact shapes, surfaces and aesthetics for your design.

Faster Time-to-Market

Increase productivity through the market’s most complete °®¶¹´«Ã½app tools for 2D °®¶¹´«Ã½app and 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app.

Increase product quality

PTC Creo is built to maximize innovation, improve the quality of 3D product design, and deliver faster time to value.

PTC Creo delivers improved innovation and concept design exploration via a more durable end product.

What’s new in PTC Creo?

Usability and productivity

Our best Creo. Ever. You’ll find a wide variety of improvements to help make every day more productive.

These include new tools for managing, manipulating, and understanding °®¶¹´«Ã½app models, as well as new capabilities to design composite products and enhancements in electrification, ergonomics design, model-based definition (MBD), simulation and both additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Creo 10 – Top enhancementsComparison Creo 7 to 10
PTC Creo 10

New features and functionality

Creo composites
Creo electrification
Design for ergonomics
Simulation-driven design
Additive and subtractive manufacturing

Creo+ A SaaS-based °®¶¹´«Ã½app system

PTC introduce Creo+ with the release of Creo 10. Creo+ gives you the same power as Creo, delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) and with new cloud-based tools.

The key values are real-time collaboration and simplified °®¶¹´«Ã½app administration

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Creo Composites

Use Creo to design with composites materials to ensure a strong, but lightweight product.

Composites provide the benefit of being able to mix and match fabric to create strength, flexibility, and impact absorption very locally within the design. The resulting structure that we are left with is incredibly optimized for meeting your correct engineering goals.

Discover Creo Composites
PTC Creo 10 - Composites

Creo electrification

Creo has improved design tools for cables and harness design to help you create and manage wiring harnesses.

The Split/Merge Harness Tool for Cabling can split an existing harness into two separate harnesses which can be later merged back together.

New E°®¶¹´«Ã½app capabilities have been added, including paste masks and hole parameters, to better design and control PCB design.

Discover Routed Systems
PTC Creo Electrification

Design for ergonomics

Customers must be able to use your products safely and efficiently. Discover enhancements to Creo that allow you to account for the range of movement, the field of vision and uniqueness of users.

The Visual Field features can now perform a reflection analysis and manikins now support multiple reach envelopes.

Explore Human factors
PTC Creo 10 - Ergonomics

Simulation driven design

Introducing Creo Ansys Simulation Advanced, the latest addition to the Creo simulation offerings, which includes support for nonlinear materials. Creo Simulation Live now includes expanded contact simulation options and improved result options for fluids and structures. Creo Flow Analysis and Creo Simulate have also been enhanced with better animation and multibody support, respectively. Additional, generative design continues to evolve with the addition of rotational symmetry and the ability to add point mass and remote loads.

Discover Creo Ansys Simulation
PTC Creo 10 - Simulation driven design

Additive and subtractive manufacturing

For additive manufacturing, the latest functionalities allow users to create several new beam-based lattice types such as rhombic and formula-driven lattices are now available in Creo 10.

For subtractive manufacturing, High-Speed Milling now supports barrel tools for both wall and floor 5-axis finish, to reduce toolpath time and increase surface finish quality.

Discover Additive Manufacturing
PTC Creo 10 - Additive manufacturing

PTC Creo 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app packages – Design the products for the future

The PTC Creo 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app / CAM / CAE product design solution provides the right tools to produce the highest quality designs in the shortest possible time. Take advantage of the most scalable portfolio of 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app product development solutions. The PTC Creo Design packages are only available through certified PTC resellers. These affordable and easily expandable packages meet the unique needs of a wide variety of design disciplines and business needs of a growing company.

Creo design packagesDiscover all capabilities
PTC Creo 10 Design Packages - °®¶¹´«Ã½app

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PTC Creo 10 is the most scalable 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app in the market. Its variety of features gives manufacturers the power to create great products.
Creo Design Packages start at $2,780 (Locked License Price)
PTC Creo is a Computer-aided design (°®¶¹´«Ã½app) application for product design, designed for discrete manufacturing organizations. Its 3D °®¶¹´«Ã½app / CAM / CAE software capabilities allows users to design, create, and invent product designs and developments.

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