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Growing demand for clean, renewable energy

The energy industry is an ever-changing and highly competitive market, with new trends and challenges emerging in response to new trends in technology, infrastructure and regulations. From renewable energy sources like wind and solar to traditional methods like coal and oil, the energy industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a growing population.

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Renewable energy sources are becoming more competitive with traditional forms of energy

The energy industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector

One of the biggest trends in the energy industry today is the move toward renewable energy sources. This shift toward clean energy sources has been driven by government subsidies, public opinion, and growing concerns about climate change. Renewable energy sources are becoming more competitive with traditional forms of energy generation due to technological improvements and breakthroughs in infrastructure development. This shift presents both opportunities and challenges for companies operating in the energy industry.

On the one hand, investments in renewable energy infrastructure require a significant capital outlay and may take longer to show a return on investment than other forms of investment in the sector. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity for companies to diversify their portfolios into greener technologies, which are necessary in the long term given global warming trends. Companies that invest early can take advantage of first mover advantages that are difficult to replicate later.

In addition to the trend toward green energy, another important trend within the sector is the decentralization of power generation, away from large centralized power plants to smaller local generation points such as microgrids or distributed generation systems. This decentralization allows for greater accessibility to electricity services at a lower cost by reducing transmission costs, while at the same time giving customers more control over their own electricity supply through technologies such as solar panels or battery storage systems.

However, the decentralization of electricity generation also brings a number of challenges. The grid needs to be designed with improved safety standards, as complexity has increased due to a greater number of small generators operating independently and incumbent grids operated by large utilities that often have exclusive rights to certain areas or markets. There is also a need for investment in smart metering technologies that enable accurate billing structures between different entities connected through a single grid or platform, which can help drive innovation while ensuring that fair pricing models are maintained for all users connected through a single system.

Main challenges

  • Tackling carbon emissions
  • Energy technologies go from niche to mainstream
  • Sustainable Fuels
  • Growing hydrogen demand
  • oil demand peaks and growing gas demand
  • Implementing energy storage
  • Combining distributed systems

Industry Insights

Energy & Resources

Overall, there are many trends driving change in the energy & resources industry that present both opportunities and challenges. Companies that stay ahead of these trends will be in a good position to take advantage of the potential growth opportunities that arise from these changes, while those that lag behind may miss out on some potentially lucrative business opportunities that may arise now or in the future as these trends take hold in global markets around the world. Because of these trends, the energy industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector that presents new challenges to companies. Companies that manage to adapt to these changes and act strategically will find stability in a highly volatile market and benefit in the long term. At the same time, they can use the potential to expand their toolbox of alternatives in line with the trends and thus increase sales.

Energy & Resources Industry Solutions

We build and enable the following key capabilities to deliver product lifecycle value:

  • Identification of product families and defining the strategy and the plan for Mýapp and BOM modularization
  • Configure and build configurator with the rules and the CTO workflow process
  • Implement the E2E PLM capabilities for the product development from design to service

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