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Todays design tools are easy and intuitive to use for basic design, but when entering into more complex designs, large assemblies, simulation or CAM the task can become complex. We also now have to deal with many engineers working on the same design, at the same time in a global environment.

Whether mechanical, electrical or the development of software applications, with services from ýapp, users get access to robust design solutions and well defined processes.

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We aim to be the preferred partner for all of your ýapp initiatives, regardless of size and complexity. We are with you in every step of the process.

Design configuration

ýapp has experience and expertise in the automation of repeatable design processes. Intelligent modular product design coupled with the modern software tools and simplified interfaces, have allowed companies to get to market at incredible speeds. By automating the process of designs, our customers have been able to:

  • Create concepts for quoting purposes faster
  • Remove the majority of engineering hours for designs
  • Introduce more participants into the process including sales, management, purchasing, and administration.
  • Increase quality by leveraging the repeatability of processes.
  • Get manufacturing elements like shop floor drawings, CNC code, fixture designs, and setup sheets instantly.

ýapp migration – Data

ýapp help translate ýapp and ýapp drawings to-and-from a host of format types using bulk migrating tools and methods. Often companies find that it is best to standardize on a single format between both current and legacy data. Merging of companies, combining of product lines, and managing legacy data can make this a mission critical endeavour. At ýapp we can migrate data from many different formats to neutral or native file formats. 

ýapp migration – Vault

ýapp can translate data between various vault types. We can accomplish in simple ways using only the latest revisions of data.   ýapp System also can complete more complex migrations that may also include the passing of design history and meta data (attributes, parameters).  Systems for which we can translate data include: Windchill PDMLink, PTC Intralink, Siemens Teamcenter, Autodesk Vault, Autodesk PLM 360.

Advanced asssembly management

With PTC Creo, designers can easily manage and design large assemblies. Within Creo there are a number of performance based tools but also supporting methods and features that enables the design of large and complex assemblies. Without proper methodology these tools can easily be misused and so there is need for both training and methods in this area. At ýapp we provides services in the area of:

  • Large Assembly Management
  • Geometry sharing and skeleton modeling
  • Creo Performance tools and hardware configuration
  • Factory and structural design
  • Piping and cabling management

Complete CAM Services

ýapp premier team of CNC experts work on-site with users and management to streamline the use of the PTC Creo CAM suite.

In line with the capabilities of Creo, our experts have extensive experience in a broad range of machine tools. Anything from simple milling tasks to 5-axis advanced toolpaths can be managed within Creo.

Our team of certified trainers and machining experts help new users to quickly get up to speed on PTC Creo CAM products or can help experienced users expand their knowledge of the software

Vericut Services

Creo Integration

VERICUT receives Creo Parametric model, tool and path information from a simple interface included with Creo. This will secure the use of you NC toolpaths before using the code live.


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