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Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage

The process industry has seen dramatic changes over the years, leading to ever-increasing risks and costs. Global trends such as the advancement of digital technologies, increased regulatory requirements and changing consumer preferences are challenging process industry companies to find new ways to stay competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, executives need to understand how trends and challenges will impact their operations and production capabilities.

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To keep up with the challenges of the process industry, companies need to invest in digitally driven systems

Companies must respond to new customer expectations

One challenge many companies face is managing increasingly complex supply chains. Process industries require highly detailed planning and coordination across multiple teams, making it difficult for companies to ensure reliable delivery times. Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage must invest in innovative solutions that provide visibility into all aspects of their supply chain.

Regulatory compliance is another important factor that can impact a company’s competitiveness. Regulatory bodies impose relevant regulations and conduct inspections to ensure that companies comply with them. Compliance with these regulations is another challenge for companies in the process industry, as it can be difficult to collect and process the necessary data.

Consumer preferences are constantly changing and companies must adapt to remain competitive. This means that companies must respond to new customer expectations to continually expand and update their range of products and services. Therefore, it is important for companies in the process industry to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to the latest trends at all times.

Main challenges

  • Strict Industry Regulations
  • Product Inconsistencies
  • Wasted Materials
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Lack of Supply Chain Transparency

Industry Insights

Process Industry

To keep up with the challenges of the process industry, companies need to invest in digitally driven systems. This includes implementing data collection, management and analytics solutions that enable companies to make more powerful decisions for their business. With such systems, companies can improve the productivity and efficiency of their processes and differentiate themselves from the competition.

One of the evergreen trends driving the process industry is the shift towards digitalization. Companies are using digital technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Big Data analytics, cloud computing and 3D printing to increase efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate innovation and manage supply chain complexity. By implementing these technologies into their production models, companies can increase revenue, expand their influence in the marketplace, and become more competitive overall.

Process Industry Solutions

We build and enable the following key capabilities to deliver product lifecycle value:

  • Defining the strategy and the plan for M°®¶¹´«Ã½app and BOM modularization
  • Configure and build configurator with the rules and the CTO workflow process
  • Implement the E2E PLM capabilities for the product development from design to service

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