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PTC Windchill – Breakthrough PLM for breakthrough products

With PTC Windchill, the brand name for PTCs complete product suite for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), the vision is to provide an end-to-end information solution for all product related data and processes. The unique feature of these products is that regardless of the type of information needed it is all stored in the same information database.

With PTC Windchill, you get breakthrough PLM to build breakthrough products. In order to develop innovative products, your company must meet higher standards than ever before. Stakeholders from different areas must be able to participate in the development and hardware, software and networked systems must be fully integrated.

Discover new Windchill 12 capabilities that help you improve collaboration and cross-departmental innovation.

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Complete digital product definition, from requirements to service


Connected data from product operation: By using IoT technology for completely closed processes


Intelligent provision of role-based PLM data

Complete for all product data

The use of outdated desktop technologies that do not cover all areas only leads to inefficiency, inaccuracy, more rework and incalculable costs. PTC Windchill manages digital product development data (mechanical, electrical or software, service) in a single and reliable repository. This affects the complete data from the entire lifecycle from requirements capture to service, including manufacturing and quality assurance.

PTC Windchill provides a reliable and universal data source of complete product information for product data and processes. For the first time, the data from the product operation is also seamlessly taken into account. The PLM data provided is:

  • Multi-dimensional : Requirements are integrated with PLM data using modern 
  • Transformative : BOM views for manufacturing, engineering, and service are synchronized
  • Process-oriented : Central PLM functions such as changes, queries, visualization and workflow are expanded
  • Model-based : Dynamic ýapp data is provided downstream to enable part-centric design

Connected for all processes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a revolution worldwide: Conventional products are becoming intelligent and connected products and supplying data about their own operating status. This brings unprecedented benefits for technical development and production. As a result, your service will be better, more targeted and proactive. The new, specific challenges in the development, operation and maintenance of intelligent, networked products are not easy to master. With PTC Windchill, manufacturers can embrace this rapid pace of technological advancement and gain a competitive advantage.

PTC Windchill is the first PLM architecture including an IoT technology: For the first time, the promise that manufacturers have access to the operational data of their products is fully fulfilled. IoT technology enables access to product data from the entire life cycle, from requirements to service:

  • Real-time error reporting: IoT technology provides real-time error codes, operational data and analysis
  • Company-wide insight into product performance and practical quality metrics
  • Faster, more targeted improvements in service, manufacturing and engineering quality
  • Closed-loop requirements tracking between PTC Integrity and PTC Windchill
  • Performance Advisor for intelligent, connected support and proactive improvements and optimizations of PTC Windchill

Smart for everyone involved

Today’s business environment is characterized by continuously increasing demands, which particularly affect employees who develop the product data and those who need fast and mobile access. Preferably without confusing user interfaces and expensive training.

PTC Windchill delivers new capabilities for smarter PLM: role-based applications, streamlined search tools, and contemporary intellectual property protection:

  • Immediate mastery of the functions
  • Faster, easier and more targeted access to PLM data
  • Faster and better search for optimal discovery and reuse of valuable PLM data
  • Design anywhere, build anywhere, while fully protecting valuable intellectual property – both internally and when collaborating with external partners

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Deployment and Architecture

Modern architecture

Manage data at scale with web architecture built for multi-system orchestration.

Secure collaboration

Work securely inside and outside the enterprise with IP- and platform-based protections.

Streamlined upgrades

Reduce user disruption by upgrading data in place with time-saving automation.

Admin and Support

Leverage IoT-based “always on” system monitoring and PTC’s expert-driven learning programs.

Flexible delivery

Deliver on-premises or in the cloud for greater uptime and security compliance.


On-Premise, cloud or hybrid

Windchill’s 100% web-based PLM architecture has been designed to easily integrate with existing IT, internet, and security infrastructures for remote work and multi-site collaboration. Windchill is optimized for agility and flexibility. PLM deployments can be on-premises, in the cloud, on a single server for a workgroup, or on a highly scalable clustered system with performance optimized for content distribution.

With cloud and SaaS technology playing an increasingly critical role in digital transformation strategies, PTC’s goal is to meet every customer with a deployment that fits their strategy at each stage of their journey. Regardless of their deployment model, all Windchill customers have access to the same industry leading best practice capabilities and open architecture that supports third party tool integrations.

Cloud options

myPDS PLM Cloud

Let us take care of your PLM system management!

myPDS PLM Cloud is a cloud-based Windchill environment that is hosted and maintained by ýapp.

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Windchill+ is a SaaS PLM platform from PTC. Windchill+ gives you the same power as Windchill, delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS).

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