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What is data migration?

Data Migration is the process of moving data between systems. It is a complex process and requires expertise that can create a secure transfer of data.

Data migrations driven by multiple enterprise initiatives such as merger and acquisitions, global site consolidation, legacy modernization, technology change, data remediation, etc. It is always challenging as the complexities of the source and target systems, data cleanliness, user adoption of the new environment plays a major role in determining the success of the migration exercise.

A well performed migration process also includes a well defined classification and analysis of data before transfer.

Our approach priorities speed and effectiveness while minimizing engineering downtime.

Data migration with °®¶¹´«Ã½app

°®¶¹´«Ã½app has over the years developed a rich experience of migrating multiple systems/databases across platforms and we use industry-best approaches to accomplish this. We have also developed a set of software tools and applications. The combination of our tools and processes help us analyze, extract, transform and load data according to each business requirements.

Data Migration services

  • Migration from any leading PLM/PDM systems into any leading PLM system
  • M°®¶¹´«Ã½app Data Conversion and cleaning
  • Migration assessment
  • Data extraction from most of the leading source PLM/ PDM systems
  • Data loading into most of the leading target PLM systems
  • Migration execution using well defined methodologies
  • Qualitative and quantitative validation reporting


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