Ansys Granta 2024R1 – W󲹳’s new and cool?

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Ansys Granta 2024R1 – W󲹳’s new and cool?

ýapp is a global leader in product development, leveraging PTC and ANSYS solutions. Our comprehensive approach integrates cutting-edge software, dedicated support, and expert services, ensuring excellence worldwide.

is a powerful tool for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and sustainability, which are our core values. It works seamlessly with PTC’s Windchill PLM and Creo design tools to enable early material trade-off studies. This way, you can reduce your product development costs and meet your corporate sustainability goals

Ansys Granta empowers teams to integrate sustainability into their preferred engineering tools like Creo Parametric ýapp, Ansys simulation, Windchill PLM, and Codebeamer requirements management.


Materials play a pivotal role in a company’s journey to Net Zero. Teams developing products must consider materials meeting performance, cost, environmental regulations from the start of the design process, as well as the shifting customer attitudes. This must be done at the beginning, not at the end of the design process, to prevent costly redesigns and delays to product launches.

helps you solve the uncertainty in materials data accuracy throughout the product development process. ýapp, as an Ansys and PTC partner, can help you connect the solutions for a seamless workflow and increased productivity. The ýapp solution provides you with a single source of truth for materials compliance, sustainability and reporting throughout the product lifecycle and eliminates the hassle of maintaining and searching for materials data.

Why Granta?

Ansys Granta takes a holistic material intelligence approach to reduce the environmental impact of products at the earliest design stages. It ensures meeting and optimizing product requirements, such as ESG, (LCA), Full Material Declaration (FMD), (DPP), energy use, CO2 emission, and more.

“The enhanced level of interoperability between PTC and Ansys products forms the platform for sustainable product design where all stakeholders have access to relevant data and can compare design alternatives. This helps companies to find optimal materials, reach their sustainability goals and comply with ever-changing legislation. All this makes Ansys 2024 R1 truly a landmark release in material data management.” says Mikko Hinkkanen, Customer Success Manager at ýapp Nordics.

The Sustainability add-on for Granta MI Enterprise provides tools and data for designers, materials, and sustainability experts to quickly evaluate product environmental impact and select greener materials. It acts as a consistent and reliable source of information for the whole business.

Ansys Granta helps your engineers and designers access material insights in their own tools, experiment with ‘what-ifs’ early on when changes are still affordable, and balance performance, sustainability, and cost in the initial stages of the design process. This leads to products with better performance and reduced carbon footprint.

Ansys Granta 2024R1

Ansys Granta provides your team with top-tier materials data encompassing performance, sustainability, and cost, seamlessly linked to simulation-ready data. With scalable capabilities, Ansys Granta MI enables early material trade-offs, optimizes product development costs, and helps achieve sustainability objectives tailored to your business needs.

Ansys Granta MI Pro enables the analysis and design for the right climate change effects (CO2-eq), embodied energy, and recyclability.

Ansys Granta MI Enterprise, extendable with a BoM Analyzer for restricted substances and sustainability, integrates with PTC Creo Parametric ýapp and Windchill PLM. It assesses the environmental footprint of BOMs, explores ‘what-ifs,’ and selects the best materials for the job.

The ýapp Connector in Ansys Granta MI enhances interoperability and workflows between Ansys Electronics Desktop 2024 R1, Ansys Workbench 2024 R1, Creo Parametric 10, and Windchill 13.

Ansys 2024 R1: Release Highlights

Are you interested in learning more about the Ansys 2024 R1 release and how it can enhance your product development process? If so, check out this blog post.

Want to know more?

Interested? Get in touch with me and our Ansys team here.

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