Manage Requirements throughout the product lifecycle

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Every project must deal with a number of requirements. These can be legal matters, customer demands, internal process demands, and/or communication protocols. Requirements can also be a products requirement of performance. The term “requirement” could be defined as anything that has to be delivered, like a product in a development process or a service.

The simple truth is that many companies miss out on this very significant part of a development process, leading to high development costs and lost market share. The picture displays some statistics for typical challenges within product development directly related to problems within requirement management..

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A critical part of an effective development process is to manage your requirements throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Addressing requirements challenges

PTC Windchill for requirement managements includes these main features:

  • Linking requirements to other requirements.
  • Automating requirements documentation.
  • Linking requirements to product structures in PTC Windchill or other PLM systems.
  • Linking requirements to software development process and tools
  • Managing use cases and validation of requirements.
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